"Nine in Black,"

by Eben


Nine in black, they roost like crows

Crouched round a carcass in solemn row.

Here there struts Pentocracy,*

Four 'gainst five who don't agree.

Deceit enthroned in this court room.


Four can be as wise as Job,**

Or Solomon in royal robe.

But five without a shred of sense

Can banish justice forth from hence.


Two are fairer sex, it seems,

Except they croak and gorge obscene.

One is Eastern Crow in hatch,

The other Texan, a glossy match.#


Seven males on the bench

Emit quite a loathsome stench.

Rubbish that's disgorged, shared round,

Is common fare in George's Town.


Harvard, Princeton, it does not matter,

They all come up with godless chatter.

Deceit that's reasoned is what was taught,

It all comes down to the same old rot.


Now what is that corpse of noble frame?

It looks like Ramses's form down lain.

A great man surely, of highest rank--

Oh! What chill blows here so dank!"


Embalmed, perhaps, like Lenin's fust,***

Mortician's art, in which we trust.

Perfect in his preserved state,

This cadaver awaits its fate.


Vermin from the shadows run,

Attend each crow as work is done.

They're scribes who copy down each caw

The crows emit as they frame law.


No vote has put them on their throne,****

They're only here to pick Truth's bones.

That is why their lunch is brought:

Decision from the crows is sought.


Already slain, the Truth is theirs

To gash and gorge, as each beak tears.

They soon make short shrift of their meal,

Another "Roe vs. Wade" for the commonweal.*****


How quick crows spread the word for "Feast!"

They soon are joined by every beast.

Cameras scan the five and four

While hearses back up to the door.


Off they go in motorcade,

In infants' blood, we soon will wade.

Error exalted once again,

When Falsehood's made the gravamen.


Without resort to judicial precedent,

Crows put out (pure and simple) excrement.

Psychology, instead of well-laid science,

Joins crows in Tammy Hall-like alliance.******


Out! Out! Constitution!*******

The Star Chamber meets to destroy a nation.********

*The first Pentocracy was five allied city-states of the Philistines; this powerful Five City-States in confederacy raised armies that almost extinguished the budding state of ancient Israel; Philistianism came to signify a barbaric breeding or low state of social grace.

**Job was famed in the Middle East for wisdom, and was possibly Jobab, a king of a Edomite tribal princedom; the book by that name contains some of the world's greatest poetry and wisdom; in the animal kingdom, crows are reputed to be wise, but it is only a notion for they are carrion birds with a certain degree of social organization.

# The Renquist Court of the late 20th and early 21st Centuries included "Justices" Ginsberg from the East Coast and Carroll from Texas. They voted on much the same on issues, despite the great divergence in their home territories.

***The first dictator of Soviet Russia, Lenin's "fust," or cadaver, is preserved in a glass coffin, on public view in his tomb in Red Square, Moscow, Russia. He was known for brutal suppression of opposition and a total disregard for the value of human life.

"Justices" on the court are political appointees, but who often disregard who appointed them and steer a completely contrary course, if they happen to be liberal in their views.

"Roe vs. Wade," one of the most infamous decisions of the Court, which legalized abortion and made it easy and convenient for masses of American women for the first time; it unleashed genocide on an massive scale against yet unborn children. The latest tally of murdered children is 40 million.

The infamous Tammy Hall of New York was the hotbed of big city corruption and bribery and influence peddling; psychology, not a true science by any means, has been called in and supplanted legal precedent in the court proceedings, thereby throwing the basis of its decisions over onto the testimonies of unscientific, non-legal "experts." The Court, effectively, eliminated any connection to genuine law.

Shakespeare's immortal line: "Out! Out! etc., is applicable to the Court's resort to psychology rather than legal precedent and biblical principle; the effect is to destroy the Constitution, decision by decision, which the "nine in black" all swore to uphold upon taking office. The Star Chamber, an English system of courts, was proverbial for corruption, and it was gladly abolished though it already had done grave harm to the English nation; any arbitrary, corrupt, tyrannical legal body.

"The Lottopus," by Eben, soon to come on-line

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